The process of creating an image is more than just pressing a button. I utilize different light angles with natural and artificial light to balance shadow and highlight, various compositional techniques, and work to make expressions more natural. I live to create photography that is unique and compelling. In addition to creating photography I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, through workshops, camps and one on one instruction. 

I photograph family portraits, high school senior photos, aerial drone photography, professional headshots, commercial product and architectural photography. If you have a project in mind, give me a call and we can work through the details to figure out what works best for everyone. 

I am based out of Brandon, VT, where I have lived for nearly 30 years. I love this region of Vermont and enjoy everything this community has to offer. I have been teaching photography and various methods for nearly 20 years. I continue to shoot film as well as digital methods, and enjoy making printed media. Photographs are great, but they hold an entirely different presence when printed as a tangible item that can be held, passed around and viewed time and time again. If you have questions about various offerings, I am always happy to discuss. Send us an email, or give me a call.


Thanks for stopping by,

Dan Lovell

[email protected]